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I want to learn how to make delicious low waste, plant based food!

Want to build a more plant based diet but worried it will be bland or boring? Let us help you discover how you can enjoy your food while walking more gently on the planet. We will work together to build a more sustainable and truly delicious future. 

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I want to learn how to open a zero waste store!

Turn your dreams of becoming an ambitious ecopreneur into a reality by learning how to open zero waste stores and incorporate planet-centric principles into your company and community through robust sustainability education with actionable steps and guided support.

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The Positive Impact Professional Certification Course

This program will teach you about sustainability on a national and global scale. We will dive into the intersection of social and environmental sustainability and topics such as environmental justice, business, policy, human development, economics, and more.

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I'm A Fan Of The Podcast: Green Stuff

Welcome to our pod page! Get to know Stephanie, the host, and deepen your Green Stuff knowledge. Explore how taking imperfect action can help you navigate our broken systems, improve your quality of life, and lead to a more sustainable future. Subscribe to the podcast to get updated episodes every Tuesday and Saturday.

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