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We provide digital learning opportunities for anyone committed to becoming leaders in sustainability within their communities and companies.

I want to learn about ecopreneurship!

Turn your dreams of becoming an ambitious ecopreneur into a reality by learning how to open zero waste stores and incorporate planet-centric principles into your company and community through robust sustainability education with actionable steps and guided support.

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I am looking for sustainable business coaching!

Your customers and clients are eco-conscious and expect the businesses they support to have aligned values. We support business leaders by incorporating planet-centric principles into their companies through guided and detailed coaching calls and concrete action plans. 

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I’m a fan of the podcast!

Welcome to our pod page! Get to know Stephanie, the host, and deepen your Green Stuff knowledge. Explore how taking imperfect action can help you navigate our broken systems, improve your quality of life, and lead to a more sustainable future. Subscribe to the podcast to get updated episodes every Tuesday and Saturday. 

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