Sustainable Business Coaching

Applying adaptable and regenerative business principles to your company will lead to sustainable growth, minimal environmental impacts, and happy employees. Join Scoop Intelligence as we redefine “business as usual” and create a community of ecopreneurs in action.


What we offer:


Complimentary 15-min Introductory Strategy Session:

Get to know Taylor and figure out a plan forward, whether it be redefining your company's ethos or publishing your very first Impact Report, she can help you. 


Mission & Values Coaching Session: 

The Mission & Values Coaching service from Scoop Intelligence takes you through exercises to discover your company’s unique path forward to creating positive, lasting change in your community by operating according to your well-developed and specific mission.


Tiered Impact Reporting Services: 

Whether you're a solopreneur ready to start tracking your sustainability progress, or a well-established team looking to elevate your company, the Impact Reporting service from Scoop Intelligence gives you a comprehensive plan to be able to publish your impact report with confidence, and show off to your community just how amazing your business is.

Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered.

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Meet your Sustainability Coach: Taylor Stirling

I came to Scoop Marketplace with the intention of fostering a growing community of ecopreneurs while being able to share my years of sustainability education and professional experience. As your sustainability coach, I bring fresh insight into how to redefine your business model to meet all of your values, serve your community, and set a new standard for your industry. I am so excited to work with you and your team!

B.A. Environmental and Sustainability Studies; Sustainable Business, GMU

Certificate in Sustainable Business Strategy, HBS

TRUE Zero Waste Advisor, GCBI

200 Hour RYT 

Let's do this. 

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