Low Waste, Plant Based Holiday Cooking Demo

Lower impact, with all the flavor & nostalgia you expect from the holidays. We are building new traditions for a more sustainable, and truly delicious future.

In this Cooking Demo, you will learn:


How to make a plant based appetizer that is simple and delicious!

Do you or your dinner guests have some preconceived notion that vegan food is bland and boring? Not around here! Add this recipe to your menu and everyone will be delighted!


My top 5 tips for keeping your kitchen low waste this holiday season

It's easier than you think! Just add a couple of these things into your routine and watch how you begin to make different choices and become more aware of the waste you are producing.


The important of going green with grace

To encourage you on your journey to becoming an imperfectly zero waste human who is contributing to a better future for all.

Want to Walk More Gently on the Planet Without Giving Up Your Favorite Holiday Foods? 

You're in the right place! I am determined to make sure that my family of plant eaters doesn't feel like they are missing out. The smells and flavors of my favorite holiday foods bring back so many lovely memories and really add to the magic of the season for me. 
It's also important to me to make food that everyone can enjoy so that no one feels left out or like they are an inconvenience because someone had to make a special dish for them. 
Join me in this cooking demo (recording available for you to watch on demand) and let's work together to create new traditions for a more sustainable and truly delicious future! 

This Cooking Demo is a Must Attend if…

  • You are following a plant based diet and trying to figure out how to enjoy your favorite holiday food traditions in a new way.
  • You want to find some simple ways to reduce your carbon footprint this holiday season.
  • You have loved ones dining with you this holiday season who are plant based and you want to learn how to make food that everyone can enjoy so they don't feel left out.

A Note From Your Instructor...

A Personal invitation from Stephanie…

There are few things I love more than teaching people how to make and enjoy plant based recipes, and I have prepared this cooking demo to show you how building a sustainable future can be absolutely delicious!

Register now to watch this class, learn how to make a yummy appetizer, get your questions answered, build some low waste kitchen skills, and get an extra boost of encouragement on your sustainable living journey!

See you there!