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We teach ambitious ecopreneurs how to open zero waste stores, and how to incorporate planet-centric principles into their companies and communities through robust sustainability education.

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Zero to Zero Waste Hero

You can pick up where we left off and accelerate your progress to hit the ground running.

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The PIP Certification Course

Become a Positive Impact Professional through robust sustainability education.

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Meet the Founder and your Ecopreneur instructor: Stephanie Lentz 

I created Scoop Marketplace because my family needed a grocery store that better aligned with our values. In the process, I discovered that what we really need is a community designed to provide support and resources for ecopreneurs on their journey to opening zero waste stores, so that we can benefit from these businesses in communities around the globe. Scoop Intelligence is my solution and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share what I have learned and give momentum to our shared mission. Why should you start from scratch when you can pick up where I left off and accelerate your progress?

I look forward to working with you inside of the Zero to Zero Waste Hero program!

Meet your PIP instructor and Sustainability Coach: Taylor Stirling

I came to Scoop Marketplace with the intention of fostering a growing community of ecopreneurs while being able to share my years of sustainability education and professional experience. As your sustainability coach, I bring fresh insight into how to redefine your business model to meet all of your values, serve your community, and set a new standard for your industry. I am so excited to work with you and your team!

B.A. Environmental and Sustainability Studies; Sustainable Business, GMU

Certificate in Sustainable Business Strategy, HBS

TRUE Zero Waste Advisor, GCBI

200 Hour RYT 

Let's do this. 

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