The Firefighter Interview

This is where getting-the-job is won or lost. There can be thousands of people competing for as few as one to two firefighter positions. Our Mission is to make sure you ace your interview and start the career you've been dreaming of.

Don't Wait Any Longer

Who Are We?

Scoop Intelligence Fire Prep is run by career firefighters who have sat on both sides of the interview table.

We remember being the nervous hopeful and now we are the scrutinizing judges. We know what interview panels are looking for, and our mission is to get you to a point where you completely dominate your interviews.

Our interview coaching consists of at least two sessions. This allows the coach to get a baseline for you and your answers, as well as give you homework and advice. It gives you time to work on what needs to be improved and see if you have arrived at the right spot. It also allows for us to correct any mistakes that still linger, or fix any new mistakes that popped up as you worked on your homework.

Investing In You

We won't give you the answers, because the reality is having answers only makes you like everyone else. Our approach is to invest in you. Get your personal stories. Learn about who you are. Then we can start tailoring your answers into something that captivates the panel and gets you top marks. 

The techniques and advice that worked 5 years ago are outdated. Our methods and interview psychology are proven with the results that we get for our students. We will help you refine your answers and understand how to approach the questions.

Making It Personal

All of us in this program had help getting our dream job as a firefighter. The majority of our personal stories follow this pattern:

1. Test and interview for YEARS.

2. Never make it past the interview stage or be too far down on the Chief's List to get a job.

3. Pay for coaching and take it seriously.

4. Score in the top 1-3 spots in the next interviews.


There is no reason you should wait years to get hired. Get the help you need right away to stand out and become a Firefighter in 2021.

Start Today

What to Expect When You Sign Up For Coaching

  • Two, 45 minute zoom calls: Each call will consist of interview prep and feedback.
  • Critiques of your answers: Finding the gems, removing the fluff, and learning how to tie them into complete answers.
  • Homework: Clear action steps regarding what you need to work on, and advice on how to tailor your story better.
  • Improved Interview skills: We will pull back the curtain on the interview process to demystify elements such as body language, proper interview attire, the do's and don'ts of firefighter interviews, and the unwritten rules.
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