Whether you're a solopreneur ready to start tracking your sustainability progress, or a well-established team looking to elevate your company, this service is for you. The Impact Reporting service from Scoop Intelligence gives you three options to work closely with our sustainability lead, Taylor, on publishing your first impact report, or refining and building off a previous one. 


There are three tiered coaching options to be able to best serve your specific needs: 

Process Mapping 

Coaching Calls

Compiling & Publishing


Process Mapping gives you a firm jumping-off point. This 60 minute meeting will cover goal setting, reporting content, and action steps according to the UN SDGs, B Corporation, and GRI frameworks. Report Coaching Calls will take you and your team through a series of advisory calls with Taylor. You will have a comprehensive plan to be able to publish your impact report with confidence, and have a clear roadmap forward. The Compiling and Publishing tier will have you and your team taken through the process of impact reporting, measuring, tracking, and goal setting culminating in a completed Impact Report. 

Tier One

Process Mapping 

  • Virtual call or in-person meeting to discuss goal setting, reporting content, and action steps.
  • Send in specific questions about the process and your work so far towards your Impact Report so we can make the most out of this 60 minute session!
  • This call must be scheduled within 60 days of purchase. 

We go over ALL aspects of your business to devise a plan forward, including communicating to your stakeholders, goal setting, tracking, measuring, and tailor it all to your capabilities, regardless of your industry or team size. 

Why do you need this service?

I break down this huge project into easy to-do tasks, while giving you a plan to be able to elevate your business without drowning yourself in research, putting other projects on hold, and spreading you and your team too thin. 

Tier Two 

Coaching Calls 

  • Virtual call or in-person meeting to discuss goal setting, action plans, and reporting content.
  • 3 additional coaching calls throughout the process until the Impact Report is published.
  • The initial call will serve as the mapping call to create goals, assign action steps, and set deadlines; the following 3 coaching calls will be for specific questions, updates, and using Taylor as a resource.
  • The initial call must be scheduled within 60 days of purchase. 

What you get:

Don’t think of this service as hand-holding you through a project. You will finish feeling empowered and excited to take on this annual report in order to serve your employees and community better. We will go through all aspects of your impact, goals you want to achieve, and material changes that need to be made. Use this service as a way to set a new standard for your industry.

Tier Three 

Compiling & Publishing 

  • Impact report is taken through action steps and goals by Taylor with the help of the company team.
  • Taylor will meet with your team and assign roles in order to gather relevant information and data, and work with your marketing team (if applicable) to create a comprehensive, beautiful report.
  • The initial call must be scheduled within 30 days of purchase. 

What's special about this service?

You will be taken through every single step in creating a lasting Impact Report, and walk away with the knowledge and resources to recreate it. You or your team will be assigned specific tasks in order to compile information, set realistic and material goals, and so much more. You will be confident in your company’s ability to adapt and become purpose-oriented for a better future. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What people asked before signing up for the Impact Reporting consulting service from Scoop Intelligence

This coaching service is geared towards small businesses that want to elevate their impact and responsible business practices to better serve their community and employees. 

You and/or your team will be working closely with Taylor throughout the process. There will be scheduled calls and detailed tasks assigned to create an efficient system for co-working. 

You will have access to all of Taylor's written feedback, call recordings, and necessary resources depending on the tiered option. 

The term "sustainability" can define many things in terms of business admin and ops. We choose to use the term "impact report" rather than "sustainability report" in order to better detail the content you will be publishing- comprehensive sustainability goals, tracking/measuring, physical impact, and so much more. 

Yes! Taylor can help your team with environmental communications within your company, as well as help teams of any size begin and follow through with publishing your impact report.


Impact Reports inform your community and other stakeholders of your WHY. More and more consumers are putting their buying power to use, and you want to be able to show off all of your company's achievements while attracting new customer bases. 

Depending on the tiered option you choose and your company's perceived deadlines, this process can take anywhere from 2 weeks to three months. Taylor will work with you to set up deadlines that work for you and will remain flexible so you can prioritize your learning within this coaching process. 

If you know the right questions to ask, maybe? The world of sustainability can easily be an information overload, and the goal of this coaching service is to set you up for success for years after to be able to replicate a high-quality impact report and be confident in your company's ethos.

We highly recommend taking on the Mission & Values Coaching Workshop prior to any Impact Reporting Tier. We have bundled pricing options available for this!

Process Mapping


one payment

60 minute session

Tailored action plan

Written feedback


Coaching Calls


one payment

4 total sessions

Tailored action plan

Continued coaching throughout the press



Compiling & Publishing


one payment

4+ sessions

Assigned roles

Data compiled and written for you


Meet your PIP Instructor and Sustainability Coach: Taylor Stirling

I came to Scoop Marketplace with the intention of fostering a growing community of ecopreneurs while being able to share my years of sustainability education and professional experience. As your sustainability coach, I bring fresh insight into how to redefine your business model to meet all of your values, serve your community, and set a new standard for your industry. I am so excited to work with you and your team!

B.A. Environmental and Sustainability Studies; Sustainable Business, GMU

Certificate in Sustainable Business Strategy, HBS

TRUE Zero Waste Advisor, GCBI

200 Hour YTT, Baptiste


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