The Mission & Values Coaching service from Scoop Intelligence takes you through exercises to discover your company’s unique path forward to creating positive, lasting change in your community by operating according to your well-developed and specific mission.


Who is this coaching session for?

  • The budding entrepreneur
  • The established ecopreneur 
  • The impact oriented leader
  • The sustainability professional


Pain-points you have experienced: 

  • A lack of clarity in defining your company’s messaging when it comes to your purpose. 
  • Too many values you want to operate by. 
  • Cluttered and non-specific languaging around your mission statement. 
  • Taking on publishing an Impact Report without clearly defined Values and a Mission Statement. 
  • A shift in your business model that needs to be redefined and communicated to your community.
What you get:
  • Core Values Finder Exercise 

    45 Minute Coaching Session

    A finalized Mission Statement

    Your company’s core values, as defined by you

This 45 minute session with Taylor will give you and your team the confidence to be able to effectively communicate your company’s ethos to your community with succinct and meaningful language. You will use these as a guide in your decision making in order to remain true to your company’s WHY.


Frequently Asked Questions

What people asked before signing up for the Mission & Values Coaching Service:

This coaching service is geared towards small businesses that want to elevate their impact and responsible business practices to better serve their community and employees. 

You will have access to all of Taylor's written feedback, call recordings, and necessary resources.

If you know the right questions to ask, maybe? The world of sustainability can easily be an information overload, and the goal of this coaching service is to set you up for success for years after to be able to communicate your company's ethos and to adapt it to changing conditions. 

There are no prerequisites to this service. 

Meet your PIP Instructor and Sustainability Coach: Taylor Stirling

I came to Scoop Marketplace with the intention of fostering a growing community of ecopreneurs while being able to share my years of sustainability education and professional experience. As your sustainability coach, I bring fresh insight into how to redefine your business model to meet all of your values, serve your community, and set a new standard for your industry. I am so excited to work with you and your team!

B.A. Environmental and Sustainability Studies; Sustainable Business, GMU

Certificate in Sustainable Business Strategy, HBS

TRUE Zero Waste Advisor, GCBI

200 Hour YTT, Baptiste


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