Plan Your Zero Waste Store

A three-part series to kickstart your zero waste shop owning journey

Teach me how to open my store

This Workshop Series is for You if...

  • You have been thinking and dreaming about opening a zero waste store and are ready to take action.
  • You have begun to plan for your future zero waste store and have been waiting for the perfect timing. (Hint: it's NOW!)
  • You are already on your way to becoming a zero waste shop owner, and know that you could benefit from setting a stronger foundation with a guided planning process.

Well, what are you waiting for? Let's do this!

I want to learn!

What's Inside?

Part 1: Create the store of your dreams

  • Know the business you’re building, who it is for, and the role you will play in it.
  • Get clear direction for your market research
  • Get to know your ideal customer (and how to let them know you exist)

Part 2: Let your store mission drive you

  • Identify your personal and business core values
  • Write your store mission statement
  • Create the language of how to talk about your store based on your values and mission

Part 3: Develop a store owner mindset

  • Take imperfect action that will move your store from dream to reality
  • Collaborate with other shop owners locally and globally

Plus - these exclusive resources:

  • Zero Waste Shop Vision Board
  • Plan your Store Owner Role Exercise
  • Get Grounded in your Why Exercise
  • Core Value Finder Exercise

These materials come directly from the first module of our signature course: From Zero to Zero Waste Hero: Your Roadmap to Opening a Zero Waste Store and we’re giving this planning workshop FOR FREE to get you started today.

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A Note From Stephanie...

Opening Scoop Marketplace was one of the most challenging and proudest achievements of my life. I had so many fears and questions along the way and was so thankful for the support of a few key mentors, and for my own willingness to show up, do the work and risk failing. 

The sustainability movement is growing at a rapid rate and we are here, at this moment in history, perfectly poised to lead our community and planet to a healthier future.

There are few things I love more than teaching and serving people and I have prepared this workshop to get to the heart of your shop owning goals and motivation, answer your questions to validate and quiet your fears, and get you started down the best path for you.

I can’t wait to see you there!



"Stephanie's willingness to educate and bring like-minded future business owners together is just what I needed. She provided a good mix of anecodotal experiences and helpful resources."