Open Your Own Zero Waste Store

Turn your dreams of becoming an ambitious ecopreneur into a reality by learning how to open zero waste stores and incorporate planet-centric principles into your company and community through robust sustainability education with actionable steps and guided support. Scroll below to find our various learning opportunities, based on where you're at in your journey!

If you already know that you want to open a zero waste store and aren't sure where to begin...

"So You Want To Open A Zero Waste Store" Masterclass

Our founder, Stephanie, created this class in response to all of the invitations she was getting from people who wanted to take her out to coffee and hear the story of how she opened Scoop Marketplace. Grab your favorite drink (tea for us!) and get ready to take lots of notes! This workshop is filled with information about the fundamental steps Stephanie took to open Scoop, the mistakes she made along the way and how you can avoid them, and the things she wishes she had done sooner.

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If you've already done a bit of business planning, and maybe you've even started to build your business, but you know that you need the support and resources to take strategic action...

Zero to Zero Waste Hero

The step-by-step Roadmap from “I wish” to Grand Opening of your Zero Waste Store. 

Zero to Zero Waste Hero is the ONLY program of its kind that…

  • Walks you through the step-by-step process of opening a zero waste store
  • Provides you with the checklists, templates & systems to move you forward
  • Shares knowledge and wisdom to help you avoid costly mistakes
  • Keeps you up to date as system are optimized
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Explore the sustainable shops our Zero Waste Hero Alumni have built all over the country! 


Nudge Eco Store - Sacramento, CA

Out of the Box - Issaquah, WA

Mimi's Zero Waste Market - Seattle, WA

Sustaining Bliss - Poland, OH


Check Out Our Four Day FREE Workshop To Kickstart Your Zero Waste Shop Owning Dreams! 

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Meet the Founder and your Instructor: Stephanie Lentz 

I created Scoop Marketplace because my family needed a grocery store that better aligned with our values. In the process, I discovered that what we really need is a community designed to provide support and resources for ecopreneurs on their journey to opening zero waste stores, so that we can benefit from these businesses in communities around the globe. Scoop Intelligence is my solution and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share what I have learned and give momentum to our shared mission. Why should you start from scratch when you can pick up where I left off and accelerate your progress?

I look forward to working with you inside of the Zero to Zero Waste Hero program!

Let's do this. 

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