Zero to Zero Waste Hero

The step-by-step Roadmap from “I wish” to Grand Opening of your Zero Waste Store

When I got the idea to open Scoop Marketplace I had one question: WHERE DO I START?

I knew what I wanted to accomplish, and was well aware of the fact that I didn't have any of the experiences or knowledge that I believed were necessary to get me there.

I wanted a roadmap. 

And that is exactly what I have created for you. Since those early days of business planning, I have operated a pop-up shop, opened a brick & mortar store, hired employees, built a community of supportive customers, and launched an online ordering system that tripled our revenue during a pandemic. 

I have learned and done more than I would have ever thought possible and I want you to be able to pick up where I left off, and learn from my mistakes so that you can avoid them and accelerate your progress.

I am all about collaboration and sharing my resources, knowledge and experience with others. I cannot wait to join with you as we team up to normalize zero waste shopping!

Zero to Zero Waste Hero is the ONLY program of its kind that…

  1. Walks you through the step-by-step process of opening a zero waste store
  2. Provides you with the checklists, templates & systems to move you forward 
  3. Shares knowledge and wisdom to help you avoid costly mistakes
  4. Keeps you up to date as systems are optimized

So if you’re ready to finally open your zero waste store while avoiding the confusion and stalling that comes from not knowing where to start or what to do next, this course is for you!

Imagine Your Dream Store

Begin with the end in mind. Now is the time to dream about what it will be like when you open your store.  In this section, we’ll outline where you want to go and why it matters - so you stay connected to the dream when the going gets tough.


  • See a clear vision of the store you want to build
  • Lay out the details for your perfect store
  • Design the role you want to play in your store 
  • Get grounded in WHY you are building it

Design Your Unforgettable Brand

Your branding is how the world sees and gets to know you. In this section, we’ll create the look and feel that will welcome your customers in person and online. As you choose colors, logos, textures, and styles it will make everything that you’re doing suddenly feel very real and start to take shape.

  • Pick your perfect store name
  • Spread awareness and authority through social media
  • Create raving fan customers before you even open

Write a Business Plan that Charts your Course

Does the idea of writing a business plan have you totally freaked out? I get it! I’ve been there! I remember when I was staring this thing down and it just seemed like a mountain. I couldn’t figure out where to start or how to break it into manageable pieces, but that is exactly what you have to do. This section gives you the bite-size tasks to get it done.

  • Discover the information competitors don’t want you to know through market research
  • Realize the truth about how fast you can be making money


Gather your village

Doing business alone leads to stress and burnout.  It takes a village. In this section, we build your business support system.

  • Create local connections with your community
  • Network in your neighborhood with other businesses that you can partner with
  • Create global connections to the zero waste community

Set up your Finances & Business Structure

You can’t build a strong business on a wobbly foundation. In this section, we’ll make sure your set up for success both legally and financially.

  • Untangle the confusing world of business licenses and insurance
  • Find the right bank and set up financial accounts
  • The secrets behind sales taxes

Pick Your Perfect Location

Things really start to come to life where you start seeing the reality of opening a shop.

  • What to look for when touring potentials shop spots
  • What to avoid in your rental agreement
  • Spot hidden and unexpected fees before you rent your space

Find your funding

  • Answer the #1 question we get about funding
  • Calculate how much you need to open
  • Nine options for getting funding (when bank loans and the traditional ones don’t work out) and how to access them

Set up Shop

Prepare to serve your community by building out and stocking your shop, putting systems in place for sales and inventory management, sharing your story with your customers, and hiring employees.

  • The un-fun technical pieces (like where the plugs are) that can make or break your store layout
  • How to find the right vendors and set up your wholesale accounts
  • When to place your first orders to stock your store
  • What to do when your products start coming in (and make sure they’re right)
  • How to set prices so you can pay your bills, your staff, and yourself

Grow your Team

  • Design your employee roles and write your job descriptions
  • Recruit your all-star team
  • Our multi-step interview process that weeds out slackers and attracts OQP - only quality people.
  • Onboarding, training (and paying) staff so they’re ready on day one

It’s go time

  • The secret way to open your doors and test everything before you really open
  • How to build buzz for your grand opening
  • The self-care you’ll need so you don’t burn out just as your store is opening

"Taking the Zero to Zero Waste Hero course not only walked me through the steps of HOW to make my vision a reality but more importantly it helped SOLIDIFY my desire to make an impact in my community. Every day that goes by I can feel my passion grow and know that I am exactly where I need to be."

Bonnie Dodge
Sustaining Bliss, Poland, OH

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

Roadmap to Opening a Zero Waste Store - $25,000 Value

  • The exact roadmap from idea to opening your store - $20,000 Value
  • All the tools, trackers and systems you’ll need - $5,000 Value

Plus, these bonuses:

  • The Pandemic Pivot! ($1,000 Value) Learn how I pivoted my business to serve my community during the initial phase of the covid lockdown from March to May of 2020.

  • The Scoop Marketing Internship Framework ($500 Value)
  • Access to Zero Waste Hero Continued Education Resources ($15,000 Value)

When you add it all up, that’s a value of $41,500

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just: $3,500

Pay Monthly

6 Monthly Payments of




Pay Upfront

1 Payment of



From idea to grand opening, this course includes every tip and trick I learned along the way. 

These are the tools and resources I’ve put together from hundreds of hours of research, thousands of dollars of courses and coaching, costly mistakes, and stumbling into success….so you don’t have to. Included in the course find:

  • Your Ideal Store vision board
  • Fill-in-the-blank Business Plan
  • Guide to picking the right business structure
  • Define Your Style, Tell Your Story Brand Guide
  • Plug-and-play Marketing Plan
  • Zero Waste store Financial Workbook
  • Simple Business Expense tracking tool
  • The scrappy guide to start-up funding
  • Location-picking guide
  • Guide to choosing the right check-out system

Also included: Every system and process we use at Scoop that you can copy and paste into your store

  • Store Pricing Spreadsheet
  • Bulk foods and Zero Waste Products Master supplier list
  • Inventory delivery checklist 
  • Inventory Tracking System 
  • Processing Online Delivery, Pick-up Order and Shipping Orders Procedure
  • Grand opening publicity-getter tracker

"Over the past six months, the behind the scenes have changed drastically for Nudge. We’ve had a fully functioning online shop going for almost two years, but after this course, we finally have our back-end infrastructure set-up to where we feel confident we can open up a shop and we know what to expect. "

Nick & Alisha Lee
Nudge Minimal Waste, Sacramento, CA

Frequently Asked Questions

What people asked before signing up for Zero to Zero Waste Hero

I have incorporated the most frequently asked questions directly into the course and I continue to update it based on the feedback that I receive.

The main reason that I created this program is because when I was starting the plans for my zero waste store, I was full of questions and no one would answer them for me. The purpose of this course is to address those pain points to simplify the process for you and bring you clarity.

If you want to work with me one-on-one to get your specific questions answered, you can do so with the VIP package found here.

Don't worry! That is the entire point of this program! This roadmap provides you with all of the major milestones that I met when opening my store, with lots of extra details filled in between. Your path may not be exactly the same as mine and you might change the order of a couple of milestones, but you will have a clear idea of what you need to take action on and what things must be done first. 

In my experience, I never actually know when I am ready. I don't find that out until I take action and gain clarity. As someone who is prone to perfectionism, I have learned that it's too easy to spend your ambitious, dream-filled life waiting for the perfect circumstances. I can plan and procrastinate my way into old age and miss every opportunity that comes my way. Please don't make the world wait. We need your unique gifts and talents right now! You are the only person who can open your dream zero waste store and the longer you wait, the less time we all get to benefit from it.

Maybe? I will say that there are incredibly limited resources when it comes to actually learning how to open a zero waste store. I had to spend countless hours trying to get answers to my questions, many of which just didn't seem to exist.

That said, you can learn how to open a business from all kinds of blogs, podcasts, youtube channels and Pinterest boards. But do you want to do that? Do you want to spend your days and hours hunting down all of that information? Information which may or may not actually apply to what you are trying to do?

What if you could just have a roadmap with the steps outlined and organized and customizable templates and resources at the ready? It has taken me years to get to this point, and I am delivering that knowledge and experience to you in a way that you can quickly and easily digest and implement. I wish this was available to me when I first started on this journey!

Have you ever taken a course or attended an event and there was one incredibly powerful idea or piece of advice that changed your life? I understand that this may not all be new information to you, but chances are, you are going to find significant value within these modules and lessons. I am offering this course at a fraction of the cost so that you can access it immediately, take what works for you and move yourself to action.

Access to the course begins as soon as you enroll! All of the lessons are pre-recorded and available on demand so you can move through them at your own pace. Upon enrolling, you will also be invited to join the Zero Waste Hero Continued Education Resource Portal, where you will find dozens of additional masterclasses and recorded calls! You will then have access to the course for life, including all future updates made to the program. 

"The ZW Hero course first and foremost was a great community of encouraging and like minded individuals. The information that Stephanie shared with the group was very detailed and provides a clear road map of how to bring your zero waste dream to life. I would highly recommend the course. "

Erika Gliebe
Replenish Grocers, San Francisco, CA

How to know if you’re ready to open a zero waste store

  1. You have been dreaming of opening a zero waste store but didn't know where to begin
  2. You have started to plan for your zero waste store, but it has been a struggle and you wish you could have the steps laid out for you
  3. You are impacted by eco-anxiety and know that taking positive action and providing your community with a zero waste store would bring great purpose and fulfillment to your life
  4. You are already investing several hours a week planning your zero waste store and feel like you're spinning your wheels trying to figure out what to do
  5. You feel nervous about all of the unknowns of becoming a zero waste shop owner and want to minimize the surprises you will encounter along the way
  6. You know how valuable it is to be able to pick up where someone else has left off and want to launch yourself into ecopreneur success
  7. You are ready to open your zero waste store and do your part to create a more sustainable future for all!

Does this sound like you? If so, I cannot wait to meet you inside of Zero to Zero Waste Hero!

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

Roadmap to Opening a Zero Waste Store - $25,000 Value

  • The exact roadmap from idea to opening your store - $20,000 Value
  • All the tools, trackers and systems you’ll need - $5,000 Value

Plus, these bonuses:

  • The Pandemic Pivot! ($1,000 Value) Learn how I pivoted my business to serve my community during the initial phase of the covid lockdown from March to May of 2020.

  • The Scoop Marketing Internship Framework ($500 Value)
  • Access to Zero Waste Hero Continued Education Resources ($15,000 Value)

When you add it all up, that’s a value of $41,500

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just: $3,500

Payment Monthly

6 Monthly Payments of




Payment In Full

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Looking for something more? 

What if I could offer you all of this PLUS one-on-one consulting with me? Join the VIP Experience today and you'll get:

  • Six 50 minute coaching calls delivered via zoom with recordings uploaded to your portal for future reference
  • Voxer support from Stephanie for 6 months
  • Full access to the Zero to Zero Waste Hero Program and all future updates
  • Lifetime access to the Zero Waste Hero Continued Education Resource Portal

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