The Ultimate Pie Baking Course

Bake beautiful, delicious pie crust with confidence!

This program gives you the skills & techniques to make pie dough like a pro! Want that beautiful, flaky, golden crust? I make the process simple and teach you recipes for a double crust pie, a single crust pie, and even a lattice crust! AND all of these absolutely delicious recipes just happen to be plant based! 

Every day should be Pie Day!


At our house we celebrate everything with the most delicious pies and I want to share this tradition, and my technique for making the best pies, with YOU! 


Before we dive into the details of this program, let's talk about who this is really for. 

If you...

1. Think making pie crust is scary but really wish you could learn how to do it successfully

2. Love to bake and are always looking to add. new recipes & skills to your apron pocket

3. Want to learn how to make delicious pies, to wow your friends & family, or even as a therapeutic hobby

Then you are absolutely in the right place! 

And I cannot wait to teach you everything I know about pie making! Let's go!!!


Steph’s cooking classes are the best! I met her many years ago when we taught at the same elementary school, and we became great friends. The food that Steph brought to school was always so delicious, and I was excited to join her cooking class when she offered one! Her class was based on her students’ interests and skill levels. She was very clear with her directions, and she helped all of her students cook delicious meals, even me…the non-cook. Steph provided a new recipe each week, and I was excited to have a collection of tasty recipes by the end of her class. I would highly recommend her cooking class! Not only is Steph a wonderful cook, but she’s also an excellent teacher!


Self-proclaimed NON-COOK

By the end of this pie baking course,

you will have learned…


  • How to make pie dough

    This is a basic and very reliable pie dough recipe that you can use for many different purposes! I will show you how to make it with a food processor and will also share my method for making it by hand. Vegan butter? Dairy butter? You do you! This recipe can easily accommodate either option with the same results!
  • How to make three types of filling

    My recipes are pretty spectacular, if I do say so myself, and I'm giving you the best of the best! Watch and learn as we make a sweet fruit pie filling, a savory pot pie type of filling, and even a plant based quiche. Yeah, Baby! A scrumptious quiche made of nothing but plants!
  • How to build three styles of pie

    Single crust, double crust, lattice crust - we do it all! Weaving pastry into a lattice is one of my favorite things, and I'm even sharing my secret weapon to ensure consistency for beautiful results every time!
  • How to freeze & thaw pie dough

    Sometimes it is just easier to make several batches all at once to reduce the number of times you are taking out and washing all of the equipment. You can prep this dough ahead of time and freeze it so all you have to do is thaw it, and roll it out! 
  • A delicious way to use the scraps

    No food waste here! I'm dishing up my favorite tips for putting those scraps of pie dough to good use!  

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I can’t wait for you to join The Ultimate Pie Baking Course

Baking pies brings me such great joy. The process is a form of therapy and there is almost nothing I love more than sharing my delicious pies with those around me. I'm not going to lie, those compliments make me glow with pride! 

When I started baking pies as a teenager, I remember the crust was always so frustrating. It never came together very well and would start to break as I rolled it out and tear as I attempted to move it into the pie dish.

I have long since perfected my pie crust technique and I cannot wait to share it with you! it is so satisfying to have a recipe that creates consistent results everyday, and I am always proud of the end result.

I cannot wait to bake with you!


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